Nursing covers why you need one

Nursing covers why you need one

I received this beautifully packaged gift hamper from The Mummary last week.  A stunning nursing cover and yummy lactation granola… yip “lactation granola!”


Breastfeeding is something close to my heart – it is the best way to bond with your baby and also a big sacrifice. Life has to be carefully planned around feeding and pumping and feeding again. So I have been breastfeeding my third child  for 6  weeks now.

A breastfeeding/nursing cover is an essential accessory, a must have if you breastfeeding.

I breastfed my now 3-year-old for 28 months. Packing my nursing cover when going out was as important as wet wipes and a change of clothes in baby’s bag!  Nursing covers make breastfeeding in public stress-free. I am a proud breastfeeding mother but don’t like the idea of exposing my boobs in public.  Baby feeding rooms are often smelly or occupied. Using a nursing cover made this journey so much easier.  Not only that I don’t have to miss out on the conversation and getting back to cold food when at a restaurant.

This Doona Car Seat/Stroller Rocks My World! Off to Berlin …

This Doona Car Seat/Stroller Rocks My World! Off to Berlin …

Jo-Ann Strauss is one of South Africa’s most recognizable faces after a career spanning over 15 years in media and business. I am so honored to have received a mention from this gorgeous Modern Mommy. Jo-Ann blogs about the incredible journey of mommyhood in the modern world. With her permission we are republishing her blog her blog here so you can read what she has to say about the Doona Car Seat on her latest Modern Mommy Blog!

Most people get heart palpitations at the idea of traveling alone with a newborn. They think it’s an absurd idea to take a newborn to the Berlin Fashion Week … but, I like to challenge the conventional thinking of appropriate outings with our little one 😉 She’s too young for Disney World, but she loves the high-pitched Kardashians screeching “Darling, you look FABulous!”, so I think she’ll fit right in.

The amount of preparation and planning that goes into traveling with a newborn would cause even the most organized OCD sufferer to break into a mild sweat. Running through airports with too much hand luggage and having to clean up a blow-out poo (newborns have the tendency to soil themselves entirely with explosive poos especially when they’re doing name calls for final passengers to board and you’re on that list) is not a walk in the park. My main concern with this trip is that I would not be able to single-handedly carry a stroller, car seat, suitcase and hand luggage into a train carriage and taxi and some airlines only check in either a stroller or a carseat free of charge and then you’re forking out extra for an essential part of safe travel with a baby.

And then the good folks from Simple Parenting invented the Doona! I am absolutely amazed that someone did not think about this incredible piece of equipment earlier. With the click of a button, one of the safest carseats on the market becomes a stroller that is very easy to use and stylish looking too – so ideal for our Fashion Week expedition.

doona car seat system

All the traveling parents from Roger Federer to Shakira to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert have them for their little ones. It makes sense too as it frees up valuable space in the boot for suitcases and shopping.

I shopped for my one on an awesome baby shopping site Babarazzi run by a mompreneur, Carmen Peters, who is due soon with her third baba! She waxed lyrical about it!!! And good luck, Carmen with your new little bundle of joy.

Lots of love and Light,


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